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Agora Holdings (AGHI) has its Finger on the Pulse of Young Talent with its Innovative GeegLe.TV

March 30, 2017

TORONTO, ON--(Marketwired - Mar 30, 2017) - Agora Holdings, Inc. ( OTC PINK : AGHI ) is a company with its fingers in many pies. Agora is a diversified international family of entertainment media enterprises with five business segments that include media networks, IP TV, studio entertainment, consumer products and interactive media. Its IP TV platform is GeegLe.TV, which has been developed by its wholly-owned subsidiary, GeegLe Media. Last year, Agora Holdings announced its planned partnership with high schools in the Ontario, Canada region. Ontario is one of Canada's nine provinces and the most densely populated with over 13 million inhabitants (2012), its largest cities are Toronto and Ottawa.

As part of the agreement, GeegLe.TV will offer students an online video creation platform. By way of GeegLe.TV's platform, students will be provided the tools to create and upload unique video content and share them with an internal network of other students and teachers in their high school. The partnership aims to engage high school students and encourage them to use their time online in more productive and socially healthy ways.

As CEO Dan Terziev said at the launching of the partnership:

"Youth are now spending an enormous amount of time endlessly searching the web; rather, why not give them a platform to start creating. We built GeegLe.TV with the intention of giving creative, talented and industrious students the platform and tools with which they can showcase their talents and abilities."

So far the results have been overwhelmingly positive and several more high schools are considering integrating the program as part of their high school curriculum. The partnership has the added benefit of increasing the chances that financially strapped high schools will be eligible for further government funding.

GeegLe.TV's Geegle On Demand site presents a colorful array of choices to the viewer. The navigation bar at the top of the home page offers a menu that includes Listen Radio, Channels, Shows, News, Sports, Movies, Music and Family. There's content from YouTube which is re-organized to make it more accessible.

As Dan Terziev has said:

"The web has become so vast that the trend now is to go back, manage and shrink it. Rather than adding content, we sort it out and curate to taste."

YouTube is currently home to the largest database of media content in the world. By developing software integration with YouTube, GeegLe.TV benefits by gaining the capability to curate from the world's largest selection of video information.

Agora Holdings was established in 2010. The company's main activity is software development, particularly in media applications. Through its subsidiary GeegLe Media, the company has launched an IP (Internet Protocol) TV portal, variously known as GeegLe.TV, GeegLe Media TV, and Geegle On Demand. Other Geegle Media initiatives are web development and billing software for VOIP applications. Geegle Media has also completed development of TECH, a workflow management application for small- to medium-sized companies (SMEs). TECH simplifies task assignment and was developed to solve some of the logistical problems experienced by companies in the cable and telecommunications industry. Agora has also announced the release of an updated version of its FRAME social media management software. FRAME provides a dashboard from which a range of social media platforms can be managed, an ideal tool for public relations and investor relation firms and the many businesses that employ social marketing programs.

Obviously, Agora Holdings, Inc. is a company that has been working its fingers to the bone.



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